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Message From the Developer [09/2018]

Having quick access to clear, concise drug information was my motivation when creating Pocket Pharmacist nearly 10 years ago. I could not be happier to see that Pocket Pharmacist™ has become an invaluable resource for thousands of users every day.

I am committed to fully supporting Pocket Pharmacist as evidenced by recently released features (e.g. Quiz and Chat), additional clinical content, and bug fixes. To support ongoing maintenance and future enhancements, I will be implementing a nominal subscription fee (e.g. ~$0.99/month) this fall.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions and/or feature requests.

Thank you,

Michael Guren
Doctor of Pharmacy (Developer of Pocket Pharmacist)

Drug Information for the Rest of Us

Whether you are a busy healthcare professional dealing with alert fatigue, or your own healthcare advocate, PocketPharmacist should be your #1 drug information resource.

Simply put, using PocketPharmacist™ actually feels like you are talking with a live Pharmacist versus reading through an encyclopedia.


Med Search - Pharmacist Summarized Content & Online Resources

The top 1,500 prescribed medications in the United States have been carefully summarized by a Doctor of Pharmacy. New drug summaries are added every month, each including indications & dosage, interactions, precautions, side effects, available strengths, and links to full prescribing information and additional layman resources.

Easily search for drugs by brand name, generic name, drug class, indication, or NDC (queries FDA NDC Directory).

Interaction Check - Automatic Interaction Checker

The easiest to use, and understand, automatic interation checker. Easily determine interactions as well as overlapping precautions and side effects.

Med Box - Medication Organizer

Complex medication regimens have met their match. Simplify your medications, run interaction checks, and share (print/email) with your medical team.

Quiz - Test Your Knowledge!

Unlimited multiple choice questions and flash cards.

Chat - Ask. Respond. Discuss.

Join the Pocket Pharmacist community in medication or drug-related health discussions.

Millions of Consults

In the last several years, users have consulted Pocket Pharmacist more than 5 million times.


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