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Having quick access to clear, concise drug information was my motivation when creating Pocket Pharmacist nearly 10 years ago. To date, I have personally summarized the top 1,800+ medications in the U.S. with the primary goal of feeling like you're talking to a live pharmacist versus reading through an encyclopedia.

Whether you are a busy healthcare professional or your own health care advocate, Pocket Pharmacist should be your #1 drug information resource.

Michael Guren
Doctor of Pharmacy

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Pocket Pharmacist offers the most direct and straightforward drug summaries around. Our mission is to provide drug information in a clear and easy-to-read format. No need to sift through lengthy paragraphs of medical jargon. Our drug summaries are laser-focused on what you need to know; written in plain English.

Our drug database contains thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications. In fact, over 1,750 of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S. have been personally summarized by a licensed Pharmacist (including hundreds of drug classes and indications).

Should you have the need for more detailed information, Pocket Pharmacist provides links to full prescribing information as well as patient-related material that can even be translated into Spanish. These links open up right within the app.

Whether you are a busy healthcare professional or your own healthcare advocate, Pocket Pharmacist should be your #1 drug information resource.

Interaction Check

Interaction Check is an instant drug interaction detector. Pocket Pharmacist will report on drug interactions as well as overlapping precautions and side effects. For example, are you taking 3 drugs that can cause nausea? Pocket Pharmacist knows. Are you taking multiple drugs that can all cause dangerous heart rhythm problems? Pocket Pharmacist can help you find the answer instantly.

Med Box

Complex medication regimens have met their match. Organize your own, a family member, or your patients' medications with ease. Complete with medication reminders, automatic interaction alerts, and profile emails/printouts.


The the best drug study guide, period. Challenge yourself with perpetual multiple choice questions and flash cards. Guaranteed to make you smarter!

Millions of Consults

In the last several years, users have consulted Pocket Pharmacist more than 5 million times.


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